Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Gillette Air Conditioning is your best source for preventive maintenance and service because we provide:

  • Professional training, which ensures the job is done right the first time
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling, which means exactly the right maintenance is done at exactly the right time
  • Purchasing programs to ensure fast procurement of parts and components at discounted rates
  • Technical support, which means your system receives sophisticated maintenance protection
  • Tasking & project management techniques dedicated to cost-effective programs

In short, Gillette Air Conditioning service reduces your short- and long-term owning and operating costs.

Gillette Air Conditioning's Planned Preventive Service Programs are designed to:

  • Stabilize and control maintenance, operation and ownership costs
  • Provide a fixed, budgeted cost
  • Extend your system’s productive life
  • Provide energy efficient operation
  • Provide investment protection
  • Reduce risk, downtime, breakdowns and energy consumption
  • Improve comfort conditions, productivity and reliability
  • Provide single-source responsibility and peace of mind

This program includes Gillette Air Conditioning’s professional preventive maintenance.

Without thorough and professional preventive maintenance, your system’s performance will deteriorate while energy consumption and your operating costs will increase.

  • Cleaning, adjustment, lubrication and calibration of all equipment
  • Automatic temperature control service
  • Operational analysis of the system
  • Cleaning of equipment 
  • Extended equipment life reduces ownership costs
  • Optimum energy consumption reduces operating costs
  • Reduced system downtime saves you administrative time
  • Maintaining equipment protects the value of your system